Wordless Wednesday - My GrandPa, in the 50's

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, November 08, 2006 At 10:29 AM |

My Grandpa, Jakarta, the 50's

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Blogger Gattina Says:

I wish I could sit on his place ! It's a real cute picture.

Blogger mar Says:

Oh, I love family pictures!!! happy ww :)

Blogger Chaotic Mom Says:

I would LOVE to see more pictures like this. VERY cool! Thank you for sharing.

I've posted my Wordless Wednesday, too. Enjoy! ;)

Anonymous Debbie Says:

Great shot. I really like the older shots. Makes you want to ask all kinds of questions! Great share!
My WW is up. Happy Wednesday!

Blogger Holly Says:

I love photos of the past!

Holly's Corner

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I love pictures like this too. It's so interesting to see not only pictures of the past, but of cultures that are different. Pictures like that get me thinking!

Anonymous Barbara H. Says:

I love older pictures like this.

Blogger ribbiticus Says:

nice one! i love old photos! my ww's up! ;)

Blogger Christine Says:

I love to look at old family pics. They hold such great memories!

Great pic!
Happy WW!

Anonymous Daddy Forever Says:

I love old photo's like that. I'm going have to look for them at my parents' house.

Blogger Tammy Says:

what a wonderfull photo!!

Blogger Domestic Goddess Says:

At first I thought the bull was your WW. This is a really great picture!

Blogger YellowRose Says:

What a neat picture! Love family pictures!

Happy Wednesday!

Blogger kdubs Says:

Wow what a great shot.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi all,

Thanks for the visit.

Can't wait to see your older pics. Come on, dig in your parents' attic.


Anonymous kailani Says:

What a great way to see what his life was like back then! Happy WW!


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