Thursday Thirteen - Jidah, My GrandMa

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, October 05, 2006 At 2:29 PM |

Memories with My Late GrandMa

  1. I remember a night when she accompanied me before I got to sleep. Actually she did it everyday but that night was unforgettable
  2. I remember the time when we both went to the beach with our big family from her side. From our family there was only me and her. And, she was taking good care of me.
  3. I remember the time when she fell. She cried out loud, calling us. I was so scared to death and prayed that she would be ok.
  4. I remember our trip around Java Island in a car along with my GrandPa, uncle, aunty, cousin and my brother. We had such a great time. But she didn't join us climbing Borobudur, one of the 7 world miracle. She had a problem with her knees.
  5. I remember when we went to Puskesmas (The center of Health) and we brought my chubby brother. She got a compliment for taking care of my brother very well and the nanny of my brother got angry because it was her who really took care of my brother and my GrandMa was simply helping her. BTW, my Mom was a working woman so she needed the nanny's help.
  6. I remember our big debate. I was too young to really understand that I would regret debating her. It was over something silly. I believe she has forgiven me by now.
  7. I remember some other sillier debates over a guy who was foolishly in love with me and I didn't have any feeling for him. Yet, he kept coming and seeing my GrandMa. GrandMa was kinda asking me to just be with him. Thank God, she finally understood.
  8. I remember the day when my husband first met her while he was waiting for me to get prepared. GrandMa chatted with him about the men I mentioned in #7. It was humiliating but now if I think of it...I can't help laughing.
  9. I remember how happy she was when I got engaged with my Hubby. She wanted to see what he got me, the beautiful ring.
  10. I remember how excited she was about my wedding. She let Mom and I used some of her money to make the wedding become as beautiful as possible. She only wanted the best, the best caterer, the best place, the best dress...
  11. I remember how happy she was knowing me getting pregnant. She was already sick by that time (it was 2 years after the amputation) and I really hoped for her to be able to see my child.
  12. And she could...I remember how happy she was seeing her great grand daughter. Too bad, about 3 weeks afterwards she got coma. Thankfully she got healthy again.
  13. I remember the last days before her passing. I know I did all I could to be by her side. But it didn't seem to be enough. Now, I wish to dream about her so I can hug her, I can kiss her, just like before. Just now my uncle sent me a message on the mobile telling me that he had a dream of me and my GrandMa walking down a beautiful garden. Oh, I can't wait to dream about her my self.
This is simply a bonus #14: I found her 72nd birthday party pictures! Those pics made me remember the lovely moment. The party wasn't planned. I was simply buying her a mocca cake (her fave) on the way home from work with my hubby. We were on the bike yet I don't know how I managed to carry the big box of cake. It was beautiful although we had it 4 days after one of my uncles passing away.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That is beautiful. I love my grandmother too, and she sounded like your grandma too.

I will appreciate her while she's still around. :)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Sorry to hear that your Grandmother passed away. :( You have some wonderful memories of her.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

What a wonderful grandmother she was! It's good to cherish the memories.
My TT is about witches.

Blogger Chaotic Mom Says:

This are absolutely wonderful memories of your grandma. I think I'm going to write mine a letter today now. I only have one grandparent left alive and haven't seen her in a while. Thank you for sharing!

I've posted my Thursday Thirteen, too. Enjoy! ;)

Anonymous Ma Says:

A great list! It's good memories to hold on to. I hope my grandchildren remember me fondly. :)

My list is up.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

what a beautiful tribute to your grandmother. i'm sure she's happy where she is right now because of your overwhelming love for her.

take care,

Anonymous Jenny Says:

I'm sorry your Grandma passed. I fear the day my Nana goes. *is sad* But I like your thirteen. <3 My list is up to.

Blogger 2 cents Says:

Your grandmother sounds like such a sweet person. You have some wonderful memories of her. I'm so sorry for your loss.

Blogger Woman Wonders Says:

Beautiful!!! I just posted about my grandmother as well.

Blogger Wicked Witch Says:

That was very touching.

Anonymous Barbara H. Says:

That's a lovely tribute.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Dear All,

Thanks so much. It's sad but I'm trying to accept it. It's the faith.

Glad that you think it's beautiful. I believe she must be thanking you, too, from there.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Sounds like you have beautiful memories of you Grandma, that is so sweet! It's amazing how one person can impact your life so much. :O) Happy TT!

Blogger Sophisticated Writer Says:

Very moving Nadia. My grandma died ten years ago and to this day, I remember her very well and have amazing memories of us.

Take care and thanks for stopping by.

Blogger FLaW Says:

Nad, I am sorry to hear about your grandma. I am sure she would have loved the way you remember her in this post. One can tell by reading it that she was a special person, and that she meant a lot to you.

Semoga Allah SWT menerima semua amal ibadah beliau dan membuka pintu ampunan-Nya untuk beliau.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Amin. Thanks a lot Flaw.

And yes, she was so special.


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