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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, October 04, 2006 At 11:48 AM |

Do you think the font I use for this blog is too small?

A. Yes, it hurts my eyes, you'd better change it
B. No, it's fine, no need to change

Please answer me by commenting on this post.

Thanks, really appreciate your opinion!


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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD Says:

The font size is okay only it needs to be a little darker. Overall it's okay.
Thanks for passing by.

Anonymous The Foo Says:

my preference would be that it would be a little bigger but that is just me. overall it is readable and not a big problem.

Anonymous The Foo Says:

oh another thing... it may be a little hard to read with the background flowers. Friday's child made a good suggestion when she said that it might be good to make it a little darker.

Blogger 2 cents Says:

The font could be maybe a little bit bigger and a little darker. That's all.

It doesn't hurt my eyes that way that it is, but now that you mentioned it, maybe it would be better if it were at least a little darker.

Anonymous Tricia Says:

I think the font could be a little bit bigger and a tiny bit darker too. I think if you went with black font it might be to dark and hard on the eyes ... but a very dark gray/charcoal would work well.

Otherwise it's fine. It doesn't hurt my eyes but since I tend to surf blogs late at night perhaps slightly larger text would be a bit easier. :)

Anonymous eph2810 Says:

I think it looks good :)- little darker would be great.

Blogger Mama Duck Says:

It's fine, doesn't bother me at all. yesterday I came to visit you and got into another site not in English, now that was hard to read, hee hee hee.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

Thanks so much for the lovely suggestions/opinions. I really need that :D

I'll try to d something with the font color and size anytime soon.

Hope by the time you visit this blog the next time it's better already. Yet...please don't take it as a promise ;o)

Have a wonderful day!

Blogger MysteriousLady Says:

Well, I've been using large print as much as I can. But, I'm almost 50 and having reading problems. I need larger print these days.

If it's easier to read, more will take the time to read it. A large post, in small writing, looks daunting.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

I have make it bigger and darker, the font...

Is it big and clear enough?



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