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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, October 12, 2006 At 5:06 PM |

Oh I feel so tired...I've just finished a project. So, I don't think I'm capable of thinking about 13 things of anything. So, I decided to skip Thursday Thirteen.

A project was finally done. The due date is Monday but I'd rather finish earlier since 2 other projects are already queuing. I'm planning to finish one tomorrow morning and start the last one in the afternoon.

Now my head is full. Actually, it's not only because of the projects. Part of it was because I almost lost my BABYHANA!

She came to shop with my mom, dad and brother in the supermarket located in the 2nd floor of my office building. So, I went down to see her. I decided to bring her to my room so mom, dad and bro didn't have to look after her while they're shopping.

In my office, she sat for a while in front of the computer and saw her pics in her blog.

But then, I brought her back to mom since Ihad to finish the project (the one I mentioned earlier). But, she refused to be with my mom and wanted to go back to my office. I told her she couldn't. So, I kinda tricked her by hiding somewhere and asked my brother to be with her instead so I can skulk my self away to the office.

Only three steps away from the cashier, my brother yelled at me, "Sis, I can't find your daughter!"

"You what!!!?????????"

Then I started yelling, calling her name, with my heart beating faster than flash. All the scary thoughts came to my mind, that she was kidnapped and taken away by a bad bad stupid guy that might have done her harm. I almost cried but I tried not to. I almost fainted but I did all I could not to.

Then, I heard her voice..."Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Yes, it was my baby...I tried to find where the voice came from...and I found it...and I found her...on the 4th step of the stairs with my dad trying to get her down.

"I wanted to go to your office," she said, angrily.

OMG...I couldn't help but kissing her. Then, my dad took her and tried to get her attention away from the stairs and he seemed to make it.

Thank God, she was just fine.

That's why, I think...I have no energy to think of any things to make my TT.

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Blogger Atasha Says:

Oh my goodness, I am glad all is well. I lost my son in the grocery store once and I panicked so much I almost threw up. My mom was visiting and we let him run up and down the aisle that we're in. I looked away to get some babyfood and looked up and he was gone. My mom had walked to the next aisle and I yelled to her, I can't find Christopher.

You should have seen the 2 of us running at the end of each aisle looking for this boy. When we found him he was running away like it was a game. We have to have strong hearts with these kids for surely we would drop from shock.

I think because we know there are evil people out there who can do harm to our little babies just makes something like this more terrible than it really is. Long time ago someone would grab the child by the arm and look for the mom but not these days. It's too bad.

Blogger Michelle Says:

That is really one of the MOST SCARIEST Things for a mommy!!!! My stomach felt the fear while reading your post. Glad it all worked out OK!

Blogger Rona's Home Page Says:

Our son got out of the house when he was 3 years old when I wasn't watching him. My heart hit the floor and everything just was so surreal. I went running out of the house and there he was jumping up and down inside our neighbors truck bed! After that, my husband put on a double lock on our front door. (he had figured how to unlock the front door)

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

I think almost all moms experience the same thing. Let's just hope that such things would never happen again to any mom at all.

And, yes, Atasha, knowing that there are less and less nice people on earth is making it harder.

Michelle, sorry to scare you. Well, that was what I felt...

Rona, the double lock is such a great idea. My daughter can open doors, too, now. Thanks.

Blogger ...my 2 cents Says:

Oh, I'm so glad your baby girl is okay! How scary for you!! So happy that you found her safe and sound. And she is perfectly adorable, too!

Thanks for stopping by my Thursday Thirteen earlier! Have a good weekend!

Anonymous kailani Says:

I don't blame you. It's so hard to keep your eye on them every second. I'm so glad that everything turned out okay.


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