Friday Feast - Have a Nice Friday!

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, October 06, 2006 At 11:16 AM |

Name a song you know by heart.

Bizarre Love Triangle. I used to have a cassette with this one song repeated again and again. I was still in high school by then. It had nothing to do with experience or whatsoever. I just loved the notes.

What will you absolutely not do in front of another person?

Nose picking. :D I'd be totally ashamed if someone caught me doing that embarassing thing!

How often do you use mouthwash and what kind do you like?

0-2 depends. Yet, I like the fresh and minty one.

Main Course
Finish this sentence: I am embarrassed when...

I say something wrong or silly and everyone is laughing at me. But, sometimes it's ok to be laughed at only if I wish to be laughed at, like when I intentionally say something funny so others laugh at me.

What was the last food you craved?

4 croquettes (dutch kroket) made by my aunty for breaking the fast yesterday.

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Blogger gawilli Says:

Glad you visited! Oh my...we do share the same soup! Your dessert looks delicious.

Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD Says:

Great feast. Mine's up too.

Blogger santy Says:

Hi, Nadiah. Thanks for visiting Jakarta Daily Photo! You got any new book coming up? All the best, ok! :)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Nice feast. :) Your dessert looks and sounds delicious.

Happy Friday. :)

Blogger Connie and Rob Says:

I so agree on your main course. Nice feast.

Take care,
Thanks for visitng me.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi all,

thanks for the visit and comment.

Hope you all have a great great weekend!

Blogger The Wooden Porch Says:

Pretty blog design!

Fun feast!

Blogger Jane Says:

Enjoyed your feast. Your dessert looks yummy.
Come on over to my table and eat a little bit.

Anonymous Danella Says:

Your dessert looks yummy.

Have a happy Friday.

Mines up too.

Blogger graymama Says:

I am rushing over for some of your fabulous dessert!

Great Feast!

Anonymous ribbiticus Says:

love your appetizer too! my feast is up! ;)

Blogger Rob Says:

My mom-in-law used to make ham croquets. They're too much work. Good dessert.

Rob of UnSpace

Anonymous Barbara H. Says:

Ooh -- I didn't think about nose-picking. Yep, I'd agree with that -- I'd be embarrassed if anyone saw me!

Blogger ukok Says:

I enjoyed feasting with you :-)

Blogger Hliza Says:

Hi Nadiah.. I discovered your blog from Connie's. I am just from the neighbouring country and my ancestors are from Central Java. Nice blog you have here..

Blogger KaY Says:

Loved the appetizer. Did the same thing only with It Might Be You which was my appetizer. =p

Come dine with me.

Blogger Atasha Says:

I see people picking their noses all the time while I am driving and I am embarassed for them but I guess they have to get whatever it is their digging for! Having said that I pick my nose in front of myu husband all the time. he doesn't like it one bit!
I do hope your sorrow is easing up a bit. If that is at all possible.

You're in my thoughts and prayers Nadiah

Blogger Pittchick Says:

Happy Feast! I'm a little late making the rounds this week...

Blogger Barb Says:

I'd have to agree that getting caught nose-picking would be beyond mortifying! :-)

Thank you for visiting my site and commenting on my daughter's wedding anniversary photos. They were a beautiful wedding couple and are making beautiful babies, too!

Blogger Sophisticated Writer Says:

Great blog and answers. I really like your blog. Will add you to my blogroll. Happy Ramadan :)

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Dear all,

Thanks for the comments.

Your visit really cheers up my days. You really help me ease my sorrow of losing my GrandMa.

Liza, great to meet you. If you come to Central Java one day, let me know. :D

And, thanks for the link, Sophisticated Writer.


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