Thursday 13 - 13 Greatest Friends in My Life

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, September 21, 2006 At 5:02 PM |

Not in any particular order...
  1. Mama, my mom. She is a very good friend of mine. I wasn't so close to her when I was little since I lived with my grandparents since I was born. But then, later, when I was a teenage, I found out that she could make a great buddy!
  2. Najib, my little brother. 99% of my deepest secrets are in his hands. Sometimes, he jokes about it but he never tells them to other people. I still trust him up 'til now.
  3. Abi Dee, my hubby. I can't spend a day without chatting with him about what have happened to me during the day. Mostly, the chat ends up to a romantic one. ;o)
  4. BabyHana, my lovely daughter. We are friends now. We will be friends tomorrow. We will be friends, forever!
  5. Andini Astried. I knew her since I was at the elementary school. But we became good friends since we were in junior high. We fought once and didn't talk to each other for some time. But I couldn't stand it. I came to her in the library and asked her to be friends again. Up 'til now we are good friends altho she lives in another city.
  6. Risma Yuliani. She's also a friend I knew in elementary school. We became closer when we did a magazine project together. We found so many similarities such as our big love in reading and books, our deep love in middle night phone calls, and many more. Now she lives in New Zealand but thanks to YM, we still keep in touch.
  7. Iza Asnawi. She is a very creative person I knew at campus. She has plenty of wonderful ideas. We call her ideable. We shared middle night phone calls, too.
  8. Ari, Nia, Devy, Widya, Rina, Maya, Chris, Sola (husband of Nia), Andri (husband of Ari), Uda Irwan (future husband of Widya). All are my friends from campus, too. With them, everything is always fun and great to laugh at. Whenever I need to laugh, I simply contact them for a hang out. And, I'll definitely laugh. You can find their smiley faces on this TT logo :D
  9. My friends from The internet is a lot more fun with them. I've known some of them less than 2 years, but they're like family already. I can't live a day without checking their posts up. And, some of them are helping me with my novel. ;D I'll tell you about it later.
  10. My blogging friends. Yes, YOU! Blogging is more fun with your lovely posts. You inspire me, you make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me cry, you make me think, you might also make me add wrinkles because of the laughs and cries... :D I love you!
  11. Dina, Alu, Venus, Ery, Aulia, Darmawan, Rino, Ade, Widi, and all my elementary school pals. We've known each other for years but the link to our hearts remain the same.
  12. Rani and Mbak Estu. Both I've known less than a year but thanks to them, I love working for the company I'm working at, now.
  13. And all the people whose name are not mentioned here yet you've been cheering up my days. Thanks for being my lovely friends!

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Great List! Friends who are there for you a very important.

Blogger Gattina Says:

I am a very faithful person in friendship. I still have a girlfriend from when we were 7 years old. Really a whole life. This is the first time I participate on TT but I like it already. Have met a lot of people I knew from just walking around in Blogville. Blogging really makes the world to a village don't you think so ? Sometimes you don't even know where they are coming from before you read the profile and then you state that we are all the same with same feelings for joy and sorrow. Besides a few mad racists bitching against arabs and shouting for war !

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That's really a sweet list!!! :)

Happy Thursday!!!

Blogger 2 cents Says:

A great list!! Sounds like you have lots and lots of good friends in your life! That's wonderful. Thank you for sharing!

Have a great Thursday! :)

Anonymous someone on the list Says:

Oh my God... I can't believe it! You wrote my name down here?!! I'm so honored, baby.... :).

Thank you so much. Love you too. I'm also glad I have the chance to know you and share (or complain? hehe) anything with you about what we have "here". You know what I mean... Hehe...

Love you too, Hana's mommy!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

Thanks for the lovely visit and comments...

too bad the one on the list didn't give any link so you all can identify her...oh yes, it's a HER!


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

That's a wonderful list!
Thanks for visiting my TT.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

You're welcome and thanks to you, too, Tink...

And all, have a great weekend!


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