Monday Madness - It's always fun!

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Monday, September 25, 2006 At 11:54 AM |

1. From jstar: Holiday in Europe or Asia?

Both...I'm from Asia, yet I haven't visited any other country at all. And, I just love Europe with its beautiful places.

2. From sherle: How do you try to change a behavior pattern you don't like about yourself... whether it's chewing fingernails, overeating, smoking, or picking your nose?
Biting my lips...odd behavior, isn't it? I haven't found any way to change it yet. Any idea?

3. From tricia: Have you ever successfully completed a Sudoku puzzle?
Not yet try I so left behind or what?

4. From caylynn: What website do you visit the most often?
Google to do the searchings and Yahoo to check out my e-mails

5. From michael morgan: What was your favorite thing about high school or college?

Hanging out with my friends in the canteen or cafetaria :D

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Blogger Atasha Says:

Crazy! I have the same problem with biting my lips and so does my brother. I've been doing it since....I can't remember how long ago, that's how long it's been and now my lips permanently scarred. I wish I could stop. Is it nervousness?

And you MUST try Sudoku. My mom started me on this and I had to hide the book from myself because once I picked it up there's no telling when I would put it down. I remember mornings when my husband would be leaving for work and I was still on the sofa doing Sudoku, telling myself, "Okay now this is the last one" Yeah Right!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I've never tried Sudoku either - I guess we're both behind. ;) Europe is beautiful - I'm enjoying living in Germany. :)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hi! I'm also from Asia and I also long to discover the beauty of my neighboring countries.

Take care!

Blogger Ghost Says:

I've never done a Sudoku puzzle either so you're not too alone in that. ;)

Blogger Jane Says:

I have never visited Asia. I have always wanted to visit China. Maybe someday I will. It is such a long trip though.
My madness is posted, come on by.

Blogger Pittchick Says:

I would love to see Asia sometime. Happy Monday.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

thanks for the visit...

Atasha is suggesting to try sudoku...well, what do y'all think?


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