Jidah, My Lovely Grandma

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Monday, September 11, 2006 At 1:58 PM |

My Grandma and BabyHanaMy Grandma—whom I call Jidah—is a very important person in my life. I lived with her and Grandpa right after I was born. You must be wondering why I didn’t live with my parents instead.

No, there was no divorce or any separation. They were (and are) still happily married.

There were reasons, decent ones, yet I’m not sure I can share them here. Double sorry.

But that’s not what I want to talk about now. Today’s post is about my Grandma, my truly beloved Grandma.

She got diabetes. She got her left leg amputated 5 years ago. After that, she’s been experiencing ups and downs in her health.

Yet, she’s a strong woman. Always. She managed to see me got married (things that made me argue with her before) and to see me give birth to my BabyHana. And those moments are unquestionably beautiful.

4 generations, my Grandma, my Mama, me, and my daughter.

But, these days, she’s not too well. She got a part of her foot wounded and now it’s gangrenous. I’ve been worried so much.

Last Saturday, I spent the weekend at my MIL. We left the house without telling her about it. She would be very sad if she knew because Hana makes a very good friend of hers. And, not having her around will make her feel lonely.

BTW, in case you don’t know. Now, I live with her after, before, I lived in a small rent house.

It’s killing me to see her in pain like that. But, her being here with all of us is also wonderful.

Now, there’s nothing we can do here but trying to give the best treatment by visiting a good and famous doctor who can handle such a gangrenous disease and pray the best for her.
Sometimes, if I’m being egoist, I hope she’ll always be here for us. But, I love her so much that now I only want best for her. If God thinks for the time being she’s happier here with us, I’d be delighted. But even if not, I believe, God loves her more than we do here.

Jidah, I love you. I’m sorry for our debates on whom I had to get married with. Silly debates…but that’s what I miss from you…

(I wrote this last night, she got her blood sugar level dropped to 43. Thank God now it's better.)

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Blogger Atasha Says:

I hope she continues to improve. I've never met either of my 2 grandmas. You have some special moments to cherish.

Take Care


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