Adventurous Day

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, September 26, 2006 At 3:22 PM |

Yesterday was kinda an adventurous day. Well, not that adventurous, really, I just said it to make it more dramatic.

What reeally happened was that my colleague, Rani, and I visited a friend, Duto, whose wife was giving birth to a lovely baby boy named Akhtar Ahmad Ramadhan. Akhtar means the chosen one--as told by the happy Daddy.

So, what's the adventurous side of visiting a newborn?

It was simply because we didn't know the location of the hospital that we were supposed to go to. I knew that it was somewhere in Cililitan but I didn't know where it was exactly. But then, it didn't stop us from going anyway.

So we headed to Cililitan. On the way we decided to get something for the lovely Akhtar. We chose PGC, a big mall in the area. And it was indeed adventurous 'coz we had no bloody idea where to find the thing. I mean, PGC is soooooooooooooo big!

But, these 2 moms finally got something very nice for Akhtar. A stroller, an orange cute stroller to take him to any places he wants to.

It was a cesar. It seemed like the mom was kinda disappointed. But, I believe it was for the best. Akhtar was born anyway, and he was sooo healthy. And, soooooooooooo cute! He was still inside the incubator located in a baby room with a dark glasses window. I took his pic anyway. Not a good one, but it was ok.

So, that was it.

Not so adventurous, is it?

You know me, Mrs. Exaggerating...


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Blogger Atasha Says:

Glad the baby and mom is okay and Congrats to the family. I am curious, you said it seemed like she was disappointed! Disappointed with what? That he was still in the incubator or with the stroller? I'm being nosey :-)

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hahaha...maybe it was just me not being clear enough.

She was disappointed that she had to go through the c-section/cesar.


Blogger 2 cents Says:

Congrats to new parents! The baby looks cute, even in the incubator!

The orange stroller sounds like a very nice gift for them!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

:D My friend, the father of the lovely baby has read this posting, so he must have seen your comments. :D

And yes, the orange stroller is soooooooo cute. Too bad I didn;t have the time to take a picture of it before it got wrapped.

Blogger Atasha Says:

Okay. Now that I've re- read it, it's not you it's me. I am positive I was tired at the time. Probably posted late at night or something. Hehehe...I need to ge to bed!


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