My Lovely Thursday 13

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, August 31, 2006 At 10:19 AM |

13 Things about My Blog's New Look!

  1. No matter how I change it, it's still my greeny blog :D
  2. I just have to thank V4NY again and again for her great free templates. Hope she doesn't mind the little changes.
  3. Now the blog is cute. I just love it so cute. It's my 3rd change of template, I guess. And, this is the one I feel terribly satisfied! :D
  4. It's not the 3 column blog that I've been dreaming of but it's the cutest (how many times have I said cute so far?)
  5. I feel like posting again and again here.
  6. The comments on the new look are 99% supportive :D
  7. At first, if you see the flower pic in the footer, that was the same pic on each post and it's located in the middle of the post and that's distracting the writings. I did some changes here and there to make it readable.
  8. The CSS codes are not too complicated, yippie!
  9. Before, the pic of the header is Betty Boop's. Well, since I thought that had nothing to do with me, I changed it.
  10. I'm planning to put pictures on the header, but I haven't had the time yet.
  11. My hubby thinks it's nice. Well, he's not exactly a cutie fan, he'd prefer black as his fave color.
  12. I like the sidebar. Even though it's not 2-column sidebar, it doesn't make all my stuffs too crowded, does it?
  13. I don't think I'll change it again in the next few decades (hahaha...I get bored of changing the CSS codes, to be honest)...
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Blogger Knitting Maniac Says:

It all looks good! Happy TT!

Blogger MysteriousLady Says:

It looks very nice! Happy TT!

I change mine around all the time.

Blogger Lindsay Says:

I really LOVE the flowers!!!

Blogger Lisa Says:

Nice, clean lines to it and I love the flowers too! I love tweaking my blog to really show who I am.

Have a great Thursday!

Blogger 2 cents Says:

Once again, I really love the new look here! :) Love the green color. It's a very happy look!!

Have a great Thursday!

Blogger Kimmy Says:

I love the flowers at the bottom of the post. Very cute! The design is cute and makes everything look clean and tidy!
Happy T13! My list's up!
Enjoy playing around with your template... you know you will :)

Blogger Tracie Says:

It looks great and the flowers are really cute!!

My TT is up!

Blogger Nikkie Says:

I think your tempelte looks great! Happy TT!

Blogger Jen Says:

This IS a very cute template! Good for you for getting it how you like it :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

Blogger Dane Bramage Says:

You have to tell me how to get the flowers at the bottom each post. (Not that I would ever use flowers mind you. I am a fan of interesting CSS.

My T13 #9 is up. The Elemental Edition.

Blogger MommyBa Says:

Your blog looks so pleasing to the eyes! I love the shade of green that you used! Very girly and very cool!

Happy Thursday!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by.

And, thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts about my blog's new look.

BTW, I got the flover from V4NY. The one I put on each post was also hers, I just changed them a bit so the color s become lighter and don't block the writing.


Have a great TT!

Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD Says:

Nice blog. Pretty cool.
Thanks for stopping by.

Blogger Tink Says:

I like it, especially the flowers at the end of each post.
Thanks for visiting my TT!

Blogger FrogLegs Says:

I love it-- love the flowers at the bottoms of teh post. :) Happy TT!!!

Blogger Wicked Witch Says:

I like it. It looks good.

Blogger Eveline Says:

I've never seen your other lay out, but I do like this one!

Happy TT, mine is up now too...

Blogger Mama Duck Says:

I must be blind as I can't find the comment link on your permalink page view, only on the main blog page? Otherwise I love it ;). Hope you are having a wonderful day - our TT is up and we're also hosting the Carnival of the Vanities this week if you haven't visited it already ;).

Anonymous Christina Says:

I think your new look is very pretty. I love the flowers at the bottom of all the posts!

Anonymous Jenny Ryan Says:

The new look is really nice!

Blogger txmommy Says:

I like your blog, I didn't see the old one but this is nice!

Blogger LuluBunny Says:

I love the way your blog looks :)

Blogger Tug Says:

I love it!! Bright, happy, good. I need to change mine again - it's too "busy".

My TT's up!

Blogger Mandy Says:

I like your blog too...I LOVE the flowers! Really, I do, I love them! It's my favorite look - my girls have them in their room and the playroom! My blog needs some flowers! Thanks for visiting my TT!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Dear All,

thanks again for visiting my TT and share your TT.

I just love them all!

BTW, MamaDuck, thanks for the reminder. I'll go check my codes for the comment link.



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