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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Monday, August 07, 2006 At 12:33 PM |

This result below I got from I think I'm serious in losing my weight. Beauty and health are my concerns!

Max "Healthy Weight" 132 lbs.
Current Weight... lbs.
Target Weight 120 lbs.
Current BMI....
Target BMI22.7

Your current weight is higher than the scientifically established norms. This corresponds to a Body Mass Index (BMI) of ..... You should weigh no more than 132 pounds.

Your target weight is 120 pounds. Since your current weight is above the norms, it is advisable to lose some weight. Once you reach 120 pounds, your new BMI will be 22.7 and you will be within the normal weight range.

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Blogger Atasha Says:

Nadiah, beware of those charts for they may cause you to get unhealthy on the other end of the scale(the lower end).
I think I am being realistic and I just want my size 8 back which is what I was before I had the kids. I wasn't fat. I just had thickness in the hips and thighs and anywhere else that counts. I can almost be sure that even at that weight those charts will tell me I was overweight so I'll go check now..hehehehe

Blogger Atasha Says:

OK so I can't rely on the results right now since I am still breastfeeding but I did check out the results of my previous weight and it turns out I was okay so...I was wrong :-)

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

I wasn't fat either...hahaha, you're right about thickness in the hips and thighs...I also had them.

But, you know, no need to worry too much if you're breastfeeding. I always adore breastfeeding moms.

I didn't coz my baby refused it. I was sad, of course. But I was late finding that there's a clinic who can give therapy to moms who were willing to try breastfeeding again.

:D year, I'm planning to have another baby. I can't get pregnant and gain more weight with the weight I have now...hahaha...that would be a disaster.

Anyway, thanks for your support, Atasha. I really appreciate it.

*hug Atasha*

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Good luck losing the weight. I hope you find something that works for you. I'm also trying to lose weight. I haven't checked my bmi lately, but I'm certain I'm way over the recommended. A size 8 would be great but right now I'm just shooting for a 10.

Blogger Atasha Says:

Thanks Nadiah. How exciting! Another baby! I got lucky with my son. I didn't gain much and when I went to the dr to tell her I was pregnant again and she weighed me I was only 5 lbs heavier than I was before I got pregnant with my son.

I'm so sorry to hear about the breastfeeding. I had a very hard time with both kids. It took over a month to actually get them on the boob. It's a very emotional thing when you want to do it and it's not working out. My mom was my biggest supporter outside the programs the hospital provided to help. She was rooting for me and giving encouragement several times a day and telling me to just keep at it. But I had to use the pump for over a month.

I am not worrying too much anymore about this weight business. We're having a 3rd just not sure when. I will exercise when I can, but I won't let it get me down. The way I see it as long as the husband still shows interest I'm okay LOL

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:


Thanks for the the way, we're both taurus, you know. :D

Atasha:'re right, girl...I think the same too actually, as long as he shows interest. :D


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