My Very 1st Thursday Thirteen! 13 Unforgettable Memories!

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, July 20, 2006 At 2:48 PM |


  1. When I was about 11 years old, my grandparents, uncle, auntie, cousin, little bro and I went to Jogja in a sedan. Can you imagine 7 people in one sedan? It was fun and wonderful
  2. My best friend, Risma and I, we made a magazine and we sold it to our friends in the elementary school. Glad to have her as a friend!
  3. In junior high, I could manage losing weight and I didn't look fat at that time...well, I know, I shouldn't have done it at that age, but I couldn't handle baing called fat sometimes...
  4. I sent a short story to a teen magazine and they rejected it. I was so sad that I stopped writing. That was the silliest thing I did!
  5. I had a fight with my other best friend, Andini. It was the most sad moment during our friendship. We're still best friends up 'til now though. Love you, Din!
  6. I got a crush on a senior in high school. I was sooooo shy. He didn't know me at all. Even until he graduated.
  7. I liked languages so much and I wanted to go to the Faculty of Literature in the best university in my country. And I did. My Dad was so proud that he helped me arrange all the things I needed on the registration day. I had never been so closed to him before.
  8. Some friends and I created a drama group using French. I played a role there and it was great to have one of your dreams came true!
  9. I finally graduated and got a job. It seemed like usual normal stuff that can happen to any body. But, it was great since I could help my folks financially. I felt so useful!
  10. I met my hubby on the net! Still remember that he called me right away after we finished chatting. Then we decided to see each other. :D
  11. About 1 month before I got married, I went out just with my mum. It was fun. We had a great time. I even could make mom took a pic with me in the photobox. :D Yeah, mum is old fashioned ;D
  12. I got married and I looked gorgeous! Hahaha...yeah, complimenting my self, I know. But it was beautiful and everyone was having a great time.
  13. The day my baby was born...oh...I never ever felt more blessed before. It was beutiful, she was wonderful. Yet, she had to go to the ICU for few days. Thank God, she was just fine. It's great to have her in my life... :D

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Blogger Raggedy Says:

Wonderful memories!
Great post!
Congratulations on your first 13!
My TT is up

Anonymous Susan Says:

Great memories! I like the ones about making dreams come should always have your dreams.

Being a granma myself, I'll bet one of your moms best memories is when her grandbaby was born.

My TT is up!

Blogger Knitting Maniac Says:

Great list! Welcome to the TT!

Mine is up, too!

Anonymous Nancy Says:

Welcome to T13!

These are wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.

I am so glad you are safe from the earthquake!

Blogger Something's Missing Says:

That's a great idea for a list -- and to include the good and bad! :)

My Thursday Thirteen is up.

Blogger bobealia Says:

Is that picture in the top right you as a child or your baby? It's a great picture! Congrats on your first TT! Mine was only my second. Thanks for coming by!

Blogger Lazy Daisy Says:

GReat list and fun memories. Thanks for sharing about yourself.

Blogger Pass The Torch Says:

Great topic and great 13!!

Anonymous Karen Says:

welcome to TT! wonderful memories, I especially like the one about your dad helping you with school. have a great day!

Blogger Carmen Says:

first, welcome to the thirteen, and second, they are some great memories. I'm sure you looked beautiful on your wedding day - every bride has that special happiness look.

Blogger Minerva Jane Says:

Glad to meet you! Wonderful list.

Anonymous Christina Says:

I enjoyed reading your list! I loved to write in junior high school but was never brave enough to submit my stories anywhere. I am looking forward to the day that my baby is born. I'm glad that everything turned out well with yours.

Blogger Mama Duck Says:

Beautiful!! Happy TT, mine's up ;).

Anonymous kontan Says:

happy TT! great list and thanks for stopping by!

Blogger Jennifer Says:

Neat thoughts. I love those projects like making and selling magazines.

Mine's up: 13 Tips for Reading with Children

Anonymous Nancy Says:

What a great list. I'll have to use that one sometime. Hey I work for a homeschool magazine and we're sponsoring a short story contest, you don't have to be a homeschooler to enter...

Here's my list - Thirteen Things Happening on our Homestead!

Blogger Tracie Says:

Great 1st TT......wonderful memories.

My TT is up!

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi all!

:D Thanks for stopping by and spending your time to read my list.

I'll check out your TT soon!

Bobelia, that's my baby's pic :D


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