My Baby Can Create New Songs

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, July 19, 2006 At 3:08 PM |

Since the last 1 month, my BabyHana's been refusing to sleep early. She sleeps between 10-12 pm. Yeah, I know that way tooooooooo late!

But, it's not that I can't discipline her, but I don't want to. ;D

I enjoy spending time with her in the bed. We chat about many things. I ask her what she's been doing in the afternoon while I'm at the office. She tells me stories or make up some. It's beautiful.

Last night, her Abi (read: father)--returning from work--joined us. Suddenly Hana sang a song, not children song. Using words like I love you, worry about you, you know adult stuff. Normally I tell her not to sing such songs for she knows many children songs actually. But last night was different.

She really made me and her Abi laughed. Not only singing the songs, but she also created new ones with her own tones and words. Soooo funny!

I looked at them both, my hubby and DD, I thought, I wouldn't know what to do should they never came into my life.

Then I remembered mothers who lost children and wives who lost husbands on Tsunami. I felt like crying. I prayed for them.

And now, I thank God for giving me beautiful moments with my family and hope we'll all be safe so I can listen to my DD singing her made-up songs.

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Blogger Atasha Says:

Maybe we're strangely connected! Ah these kids:-)

How sweet. I can't wait until my little girl starts to sing. My son sings also. Most times we don't know what he is singing about but it's a beautiful thing. These kids are so creative and so very smart. I lay in my son's bed sometimes because I like to cuddle with him. We sometimes just stare at each other, no words, nothing just look at each other and then he'll smile at me. It is beautiful.

I know all those parenting books and some people will tell you that is too late but I say blah! I'm a night owl so I guess that may transfer to them. I figure as long as they do sleep then we have nothing to worry about.

I am thankful everyday for what was given to me also. I have a wonderful family, husband included...hehehehe and I cannot imagine life without any of them.

***Here's to wonderful nights with our babies and husband!***

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:


to wonderful nights :D


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