Earthquake - Jakarta

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, July 20, 2006 At 12:40 PM |

Yesterday, I was in the toilet when it happened. I stilted, trying to feel if it was me feeling dizzy or the earth was somehow shaken.

It wasn't me feeling dizzy!

I grabbed my clothes and ran out of the toilet, looking for my daughter, screaming, "Earthquake!" to my mom, brother and hubby.

I took my DD outside the house. While Japanese prefers hiding under a table, I prefered running outside for I didn't find any table that might be safe enough for me and my DD.

After standing outside the house for several minutes, finally I decided to get in 'cause I was reassured by hubby and mom that it was ok. No more quake.

20 minutes later, we saw on Metro TV that a magnitude 6.2 earthquake occured at 17.55 for at least 30 seconds. And, it wasn't far from where we lived, only 190 kilometers southwest of Jakarta.

Afterwards, my hubby and I decided to stay awake, first him, then me then him again. So, just in case something happened, we could act as quick as possible.

Overreacted? I don't think so.

Well, may be yes, a bit. How couldn't I be? I have a daughter that I have to protect. I can't lose her and she can't lose me. I know, destiny is in God's hands, but we need to do all we can to protect ourselves, don't we?

So, last night, I woke up at 00.00 until 05.00. Thank God there were 2 good movies I could watch on TV. "Eloise at Christmas" and "You Stupid Man". I like both. I enjoyed watching them. Thanks to these movies, I kept my eyes wide opened all night. :D

During the commercials, I did pray, of course.

Hope the whole city, or even the whole country, all pray together for our safety.

Hope the whole world would do, too.

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