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Seeing Zeki in my best friend’s daughters’ birthday makes me more strong-willed again to finish my 2nd novel—the 1st one is still with the publisher, it’s been 7 months!

It takes only 1,5 chapters to end the story.

How it’ll end?

I don’t know!

I don’t.

I think I’ll just let my fingers do the final touching, collaborating with my brain, my mood and what…and…my passion for this novel.

What does Zeki have to do with me being strong-willed again?

He told me some tricks that I was blind about. I knew nothing about the publishing industry. He opened my eyes a bit. Thanks, Zek!

I’m planning to finish it at least the end of this month.

It could be faster if I’m not dealing with this new translation project. This project will also end at the end of the month. Yup, the same publisher!

Que sera sera…

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Blogger Erin Cita Says:

mba, nerbitin buku ke penerbit mana? mau dooong baca novelnya mba... Yeehaaa!! Temanku seorang penulis!!

*ntar ajarin ya cara menulis yang asik*


Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

duh jd malu malu malu...(3 kali gitu loh...)

blon jadi penulis kok, say...baru jadi calon penulis...

doain ya...

*ngajarin? jangan2 tulisan erin lbh ok ;D*

**big big hugs**


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