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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, May 17, 2006 At 10:19 AM |

Up until yesterday, the poll was done by 13 pollers.

Actually the result can be seen in a picture but the internet connection is terrible so I think I'll just put the details below:

  • Mozilla Firefox : 8 (62%)
  • I.E : 4 (31%)
  • Opera : 1 (7%)

My conclusion is that nowadays there are more people using Mozilla Firefox instead of I.E because they can have many tabs in one window. Actually in Opera it's also possible but it's not as famous as Firefox.

Guess what, I use all 3 for resons below:

  • I use Mozilla because sometimes it's faster than all 3. However for some sites I prefer not to use it because it looks different, bigger fonts, also when we close it we have to close all the tabs and that's pretty annoying.
  • with I.E I can get the exact view with no wierd stuff but it has no tabs (actually once I saw it have more than 1 tab but I forgot how I did that! :)
  • I also use Opera because when we close it then open it all the tabs are still there so I don't have to check out in the history and trace the tabs I use earlier.

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