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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, February 28, 2006 At 12:02 PM |


Finally I managed to finish the project on time. I am still editing and trying to give a final touch.

As I have mentioned earlier, it wasn't an easy one. I had to put all effort to finally be able to express the words in Indonesian.

However, I learnt a lot from this project. I got some significant points on a translating process. Those are:
  • Just flow, if you're not sure what's the meaning of the phrases, no need to stop coz ur only wasting your time
  • Use more than 1 dictionary, if you really need to
  • Don't always count on the dictionary, try to find your own words
  • Leave it behind for awhile before you start editing

I am glad to be able to translate this novel. Its absurdity reminds me of my final assignment and those days when I used to join a theater and played as L’Infirmière in Le Caillou de Monsieur Pierre. Thankfully I was used to that theme so now I didn't have to get confused by its wierdness.

Like my theater director, Cédric Fassenet, once sang, "La vie est absurde, la vie est absurde..."

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