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I am writing a new story. Not sure wether it's going to be a novel, or long stories, or even short stories. I got the idea on my way home from a gathering with my campus friends. No, not the conversation I had with them that inspired me, it was because I missed my baby so much (I left her at home, hiks!) and some books I read at Kinokuniya Book Store.

Books in the Bookstore and Libraries are teh things that inspire me the most. The second? It's my thoughts in the toilet. Silly right? But that's honestly one of the biggest confession I made. However, actually, I also have heard someone else made the same confession, about the toilet.

Back to the bookstore. I really had a great time there, in Kinokuniya. Gee, it was about time for me to go to a place where I could fine many good books. And, I enjoyed it so much. Nope, I didn't buy any novel (just read the covers coz some of the books were well wraped) but I bought a cheap thin italian dictionnary. The writings were inspiring. It gave me ideas on my stories, not copying of course, but on how they tell stories, the writers. So, from now on, I will spare more time in libraries or bookstores. Wanna see me? Just go to those places. Hmm...

But don't come see me in teh toilet, I will be doing a private thing there. No need to worry, I will share my thoughts in there, just read my writings. You will know what I think about...

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