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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Friday, September 02, 2005 At 10:44 PM |

I am now doing and experiencing the change that I was afraid of. It is frightening. The situations are not so easy yet not extremely hard. Regrets? I am trying to avoid that. People keep asking me that whenever I explain the situations. I wish they didn’t.
However, life is never always at one side, always happy or always sad. We can’t see life as black and white. Grey is always in between, other colours also exist. I think I happen to be someone who believe in those other areas. Met some who don’t but people can have their own ideas on how they see life.
One thing for sure, one of the reason of my decision was that I wanted to be better. Better in anything. Now I am just hoping that the goal would not be so hard to reach. I like being challenged but if it’s too much it could be killing me. Hahaha…that’s a very honest confession. I truelly am a person who prefer to have an easy life rather than a hard one. Some prefer it hard coz they thing it won’t be challenging if it’s too easy. Maybe I am just not them.
But know what, just now I fount out that challenge is something that I might like. I just read a vacancy and I was challenged. Huh…I don’t understand my self!
Hahaha! Am not that pathetic. So, my conclusion is : ‘I like being challenged in a real sufficient portion, not an exagerating one’.

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