My 3rd Published Short Story

By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Wednesday, August 10, 2005 At 8:34 AM |

This 3rd published short story is the 1st one for this year. After 2 stories last year, finally I get the courtesy to have another one this year. So happy and thankful.
With all my being busy with the job and my baby, I thought this year would be a quiet one for my writing carier. Apparently it is not. I have been reading the magazine (which used to be a tabloid) for quite some time. The length of the stories are limited. In the tabloid form it was only 1 page. So, approximately maximum 3 pages of A4 paper. And I wrote a story specifically for the tabloid/magazine. I sent it by e-mail. Checked it with the secretary of editor and she told me to just wait. And in Fira' journal in Multiply, I mentioned that I had sent a story. She said she would check it out. She did and she thought the story was too long. And I edited and shortened it.
Et voila! Fira said, I would get my story published in the magazine by July-August. And I waited and waited and was there in the magazine. Thanks, Fira, for the support.
Now I will just write...write...and...write...til finally I could call my sef A WRITER!

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