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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Tuesday, July 05, 2005 At 5:02 PM |

These days, I get a bad headache everytime I try to find an interesting tv show to enjoy after the tiring working hours I spend at the office since the result always ends to BIG ZERO! I push the + button on the channel search again and again with a big hope to find something to watch with pleasure yet all I find is always bad soap opera and silly programs.
I remember my young days (not that I am old now but just refer to another me in the past)when I had some tv shows to long for. Almost everyday, although in different hours. They were Friends, Alf, Sex & the City, Family Ties, Gilmore Girls, Growing Pains, Dawson's Creek, Ally Mcbeal, and many more. Now I only can wait for Oprah's Show and it's also boring (the one I saw in an Indonesian Channel) since I've seen it before in Cable (when there was a TV in our office pantry room, Boss! Please a TV in the pantry!).
Oh...I miss a good and enjoyable TV show. I was in love with TV. Should I just break up with it now?

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