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Today, 22 June 2005, is the third engagement anniversary of mine and my husband's (now I call him Abi since BabyHana calls him that way). We decided to be couple few months before, 22 October 2001. And we met each other in September. So, up until now, we have this togetherness for almost four years (with almost 2 years of marriage, wedding at 22 August 2003).

Well, being together that long, I have learned a lot about Abi. Some things in common and many differences. I think it richens us so much. We learn more about tolerence, understanding, human psychology, and many more. It's not easy but it's enjoyable. So many 'oh' and 'what?!' performed by my lips and mouth. So many smiles and laughs as well. His not being so romantic but extremely funny really changes my idea on how lovers should be. Love can be so fun, so cheerful. Seriousness is also necessary but it has to be in a good portion. I used to be extremely serious, you know., I am trying not to coz I could look 50 years older than my husband if I am.

Anyway, being together is so wonderful. No matter how your couple is (as long as he/she doesn't have an affair with another girl/boy), just enjoy your togetherness coz somehow someday there will be an end to everything.

Abi, I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU.

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Blogger Windy Wisdom Says:

Happy Anniversary!
I agree it is good not to always be so serious. Sometimes someone will say "smile" to me. I guess I sometimes look too serious. But I quickly remind them that for all they know I can be smiling on the inside. :)

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

Hi Windyy...
Ur never online lately...


Blogger The Small Scribbler Says:

My Stuart is more funny than romantic and I'm the serious one. I need his humor to bring balance. Just like you and Abi.



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