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Today I left my agenda at home. I thought I already put it in my bag but half way from home to the office, I realized that it was left. I hated it sooo much! I already wrote down important things to do today and organized what had to be done first and the next ones. I got to the office with an empty feeling. Hiks...
Then, I clicked the outlook icon. Some mails came in and I saw what I had posted in the calendar for some of the things to be done today. Well, some of them were not the ones I had written in my agenda.
Fiuh, then I just realized that i am too dependant on these stuffs, the outlook and my agenda. I don't have the dependancy on my memory. It's not good, is it? I mean, these equipments realy easen your life but it doesn't give you much chances to use your brain, your own memory. I was just thinking, should I just count on my memory instead of those easing-your-life equipments?
Such a big and kind of brave decision, isn't it? Well, the result is : NO. Yes,right, I keep my dependancy on the outlook and agenda. I realize that my memory is not the best one, maybe the size is not so big that I can install everything there. I guess I am just going to use it for the most important things in my life. All the daily stuffs will just belong to my outlook and agenda. Those things were created by smart people for the sake of human being, knowning the capacity of the human being, right? So, I think, using it will do no harm to my memory, let's just hope so, hope that in the next few years, the memory will still be good since I keep not so many things there. But I will try to use my brain effectively (will find out how :D).

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Blogger Windy Wisdom Says:

I enjoyed your post. Your thoughts and writings in this post and the ones previously were very refreshing. I can relate to many of your points. First off the organizer....I too write everything down. I have done this for years. I think it is because there are so many important things that we need to know and do that we cannot expect ourselves to remember the smaller trivial things. So it is ok to depend on these ways to remember. It means we are organized and very detail orientated.
The second writing that I felt connection to was the "reinventing" of yourself or changing yourself. I sometmes make the decision to do this as well. I think it may be at the moments that our self confidnce is down. It is so important to feel good about ourselves. Making change/improvements can be good but we are who we are and until we learn to love and accept ourselves we cannot expect others to do so.
I hope to read more of your blogs in the future.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

hi windy, thank you for enjoying them...
just being honest to my self and share it with the world...
please feel free to come again...


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