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Hmmm...don't know if I wrote that correctly or not but that's now what I have in mind all the time, most of the time. Human to human relationship.
These days, I have been learning sooo much about it. So many people related to me in their own way. Friends, family, colleagues, online friends, communities. As human beings, they have their specific desire, specific needs, specific thought, specific ideas, specific likes and dislikes. And I have to be there, dealing with, understanding, watching, feeling those specifications with my own. I can't say it's easy. Actually not easy at all.
Those sooo many specifications give me headaches. I listen to them. Some ask for a problem solving, some just want me to understand, to listen, without comment. So many to ask from me. I am also just a human being. I have my own problems too. But they would not understand. Why is that?
Whom to ask I don't know. Sometimes, just keeping all in my heart since I know they all also have problems.
Now, here I am, in the middle of so many human beings around me, so demanding, so unable to understand, so...ah I don't even know what to say. But at some points they are also kind, give happiness (although the concept of happiness and sadness seem to still so blurred--talk about it later on, some other time).
I am now learning the process of relationship among human beings. I hope I get to an end of complete understanding so that I won't have to just play with my own thoughts on how to deal with them. Hope they will get to the same point too.

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