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I am a person who love having so many friends. I should say that since not so many people really care about having many friends as a great pleasure.

I infact have so many good friends who end up being my best friends and sometimes with the flying time, become only friends for our not seeing each other a lot. But I never forget any of the good ones. The just-friends pals, sometimes I don't remember all of them, some I forget the names, some even forget the face since they all grow up--especially those from my childhood.

I don't like to fight. Even if I fighted, I did it only with my good friends. Sooo weird. Maybe because I only fight for something principle. If not, I'd rather keep quiet. And after the fight, some of them even became my best friends.

For me, friends are like hidden treasures. Whenever we find them (again), we will become so happy. I've lost friends a few times, as a result of broken heart or dislike or different principes. But whenever they want to reconciliate, I will never refuse it. I also have refound some of them, and still hoping that those who still remain lost will come back to me with the warmest amity.

Where are you, all , now, my dearest friends?

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