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This is life. Life is full of problem. All we need in this life is strength.

Last week was kind of a very tough moment in my life. I was trapped in so many uneasy situations. There was no way to escape. Dealing with it was all I could do. In all aspects of life, I got myself haunted by so many difficulties that I could not afford to handle.

There was no solution. All I could do was just waiting until all the problems were solved by the rolling of time. Not that I did not want to clear away those problem out of my life but the cause was sort of an external one. It should have been easier if the problem came from myself, I just had to do something with me. But it was all external. Every time I thought I had to the point that I could not handle it, I prayed, dzikir. Dzikir really gave me strength. Dzikir was so powerful.

This week things are calmer. Not that all those problems were solved but at least, one by one, they are not as complicated as before. My head is not as full as before. I can think without having to get a headache. I can see things a little bit more clearly now.

This is life. Life is up side down. Just be prepared. Both sides need strength anyway.

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