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By Nadiah Alwi - Write at Home Mom On Thursday, March 10, 2005 At 3:50 AM |

When I was single, life was kinda complicated and I thought that being 'double' would be different.
It is! So different, different complication, should I say.
Actually, it's about managing my household. Specifically, the maid! Well, they really give me headaches.
Since I had my baby, last June, the one staying with me now is the 3rd maid I have ever had. The first one was a nice-well-shaped-body girl of 22 years old. She was nice, kinda slow, but well managed (that's what I liked about her). Only one thing, bad odor, yuck. But at the end she could manage it. And too bad, by that time, she decided to find another job, right after Idul Fitri. The second one was also nice at the beginning, a very good cleaner, good with baby, spoke a little bit english. But at the end, she messed it up. She was not focused, she went out a lot with the boyfriend. All she did was mistake. So, we agreed that it would be better for her to find another job.
Yesterday, I got a new one. She just came to Jakarta for the first time to work. She really looked like a kid. While holding my 9 kg babyhana, she seemed even smaller. But I think it would be better with her (I hope so too) bcoz she really doesn't know anything about Jakarta and she's calm. Btw, the 2nd one really talked a lot!
So, here I am. So many things to decide in order to manage this household. Not complaining. I know it's part of the marriage life besides all the happiness I get from my husband and little babyhana. I just hope I'll always be able to handle it. It's called supermom, superwoman or whatever I don't care. All I know that, I have to be strong and gain all the strength on earth, grab it to my heart and let the blood spread the energy to all over my body and mind so I would always be there for the whole family.

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