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I started my first letter when I was 7 years old, the three of us, me and my 2 friends tried to write one to my relative (an old lady) living in Holland. We did not even really knew how to spell the words correctly. But finally after some phone calls made to my mum (in the office), we finished the letter and asked my mum to send it to the lady.

Then, the next year, I always try to write anywhere although not continously. Then at 9 year old I finally had my 1st diary, a little thin book given by a jelly product. I wrote all my feelings there. All my sadness and happiness. The diary thing continous up until...now. I stopped for a while coz I didn't know how to keep it. But I needed to write. Then I made a diary for my unborn baby.

I was pregnant when I 1st started the diary that I planned to give to my baby when she's 17 year old. I am still doing it now.

The baby was my inspiration. During my pregnancy I restarted to write again, short stories, novels (b4 I have written some). A few days after giving birth a lady from a magazine in Jakarta called me and asked me to send the soft copy of my sort story that I had sent b4 (also the soft copy actually, sent by e-mail). And in August the short story could be read in the magazine.

They called up again in the end of October. Then the other short story was published in the same magazine.

So, now, I think writing is not only a hobby, but also a profession.

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Blogger Atasha Says:

Hehehe....Nice. How wonderful is that, that you have something so special to share with your daughter when she gets older.

Blogger Nadiah Alwi Says:

It is nice, isn't it :D

Thanks, Atasha.


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